Prof. Dr. Azer Rashid

Consultant & HoD Dermatology

Dr Azer (1) Large


Clinical Dermatology

Skin Aesthetics

Laser treatments (hair, mole & acne scars removal)​


Venereal/Sexually Transmitted Diseases



Dr. Azer Rashid is a highly experienced dermatologist, practicing for 38 years in ths field. 

He holds an MBBS degree, a Diploma in Dermatology from London, and an M.Sc and Ph.D. in Dermatology from Glasgow. 

Dr. Rashid is widely recognized for his expertise, numerous research papers, and leadership roles in medical institutions. He is known for his clinical excellence and providing the highest standard of medical treatment at RMI.

He also has extensive teaching experience, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


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